Publish your ASP.NET app to Azure

Publish to Azure

  • In Solution Explorer, right-click the myFirstAzureWebApp project and select Publish.

    Publish from Solution Explorer

  • Select Azure App Service, make sure Create New is selected, and click Publish.

Sign in to Azure

  • If you’re already signed in, select the account containing the desired subscription from the dropdown.
  • Otherwise select Add an account, and sign in to your Azure subscription.

    Sign in to Azure

Configure your Azure Environment

  • In Web App Name, choose a unique name for your app.
    The URL of the published app will be “http://<app_name>”.
  • Next to Resource Group, click New
    • Name the resource group myResourceGroup
    • Click OK.
  • Next to App Service Plan, select New
    • In the Configure App Service Plan dialog, choose the following values

      Setting Suggested Value Description
      App Service Plan myAppServicePlan Name of the App Service plan (not publicly visible).
      Location South Central US The datacenter where the web app is hosted.
      Size Free Determines cost and hosting features .
      You'll never be charged for a Free plan. It won’t use any of your Azure credits.
    • Click OK.

    Create new free App Service plan

  • Click Create to create the new Azure environment and publish the app.

    Configure web app name

  • When publish completes, Visual Studio will launch the app in your browser.

Congratulations, your ASP.NET web app is running live in Azure App Service.

I ran into an issue I have published my web app to Azure