Create an ASP.NET web app in Azure

Update the app and redeploy

From the Solution Explorer, open Views\Home\Index.cshtml.

Find the <div class="jumbotron"> HTML tag near the top, and replace the entire element with the following code:

<div class="jumbotron">
    <h1>ASP.NET in Azure!</h1>
    <p class="lead">This is a simple app that we’ve built that demonstrates how to deploy a .NET app to Azure App Service.</p>

To redeploy to Azure, right-click the myFirstAzureWebApp project in Solution Explorer and select Publish.

In the publish page, select Publish.

When publishing completes, Visual Studio launches a browser to the URL of the web app.

Updated ASP.NET web app in Azure

Manage the Azure web app

Go to the Azure portal to manage the web app.

From the left menu, select App Services, and then select the name of your Azure web app.

Portal navigation to Azure web app

You see your web app’s Overview page. Here, you can perform basic management tasks like browse, stop, start, restart, and delete.

App Service blade in Azure portal

The left menu provides different pages for configuring your app.

I ran into an issue I have redeployed my web app