Deploy an ASP.NET app to an Azure virtual machine

Publish to Azure

  • Right-click the MyAzureWebApp project in Solution Explorer and select Publish.

    Publish from Solution Explorer

  • Click the arrow on the right side of the Pubilsh page until Microsoft Azure Virtual Machiens appears.

    Publish from project overview page

  • Select Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines then click Browse…
    Note: At this point, you will need your VM to be up and running. You can check the status of the VM deployment in the Azure portal.

    Publish from project overview page

  • Select the Azure virtual machine

    • If you’re already signed in, select the account containing the desired subscription from the dropdown. Otherwise select Add an account…, and sign in to your Azure subscription.
    • Wait for the list of virtual machines to load, then select MyWebAppVM.
    • Click OK to continue.

    Select Azure virtual machine

  • Click Publish to publish the app.

    Publish profile created

  • When prompted for username and password, enter the administrator username and password you provided when creating the virtual machine.

  • If prompted with a certificate error, click Accept.

    Accept certificate

  • When publishing completes, Visual Studio will launch the app in your browser.

    Web app running in web browser

Congratulations, your ASP.NET web app is running live on an Azure virtual machine.

I ran into an issue I successfully published my app