Set up your DevKit

Step 4. Configure WiFi

IoT projects rely on Internet connectivity. Use the following instructions to configure the DevKit to connect to WiFi.

A. Enter AP Mode

Hold down button B, then push and release the reset button, then release button B. Your DevKit will enter AP Mode for configuring WiFi. The screen will display the Service Set Identifier(SSID) of the DevKit as well as the configuration portal IP address:

Enter AP mode

B. Connect to DevKit AP

Now, use another WiFi enabled device (PC or mobile phone) to connect to the DevKit SSID (highlighted in the screenshot above), leave the password empty.

Connect WiFi

C. Configure WiFi for DevKit

Open the IP address shown on the DevKit screen on your PC or mobile phone browser, select the WiFi network you want the DevKit to connect to, then type the password. Click Connect to complete:


Once the connection succeeds, the DevKit will reboot in a few seconds. If succeeded, you will see the WiFi name and IP address on the screen:

wifi Success

Note: The IP address displayed in the photo may not match the actual IP assigned and displayed on the DevKit screen. This is normal as WiFi uses DHCP to dynamically assign IPs.

After WiFi is configured, your credentials will be persisted on the device for that connection, even if unplugged. For example, if you configured the DevKit for WiFi in your home and then took the DevKit to the office, you will need to reconfigure AP mode (starting at step 3A) to connect the DevKit to your office WiFi.

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