Build with Jenkins in Azure

Configure the Azure Container Agents plugin

  1. From the Jenkins dashboard, select Manage Jenkins, then Configure System.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and find the Cloud section with the Add new cloud dropdown and choose Azure Container Instance. Add new cloud
  3. Select mySP(Azure service principal) from the Azure Service Principal dropdown.
  4. In the Resource Group Name section, select myJenkinsAgentGroup.
  5. Under Aci container Template, enter ACI-container for both Name and Labels.
  6. Enter cloudbees/jnlp-slave-with-java-build-tools for Docker Image. Configure ACI Agent
  7. Click Advanced to expand advance settings and update Retention Strategy to Container Idle Retention Strategy to keep the agent up for until no new job is executed on the agent and the idle time specified has elapsed.
  8. Select Save to update the plugin configuration.

I ran into an issue I have configured my ACI agent