Tomcat in the Cloud

Deploy Tomcat to Azure

Now you’re going to deploy Tomcat in a few simple steps. We’ll use an automated template to easily create an Apache Tomcat server in the cloud.

Deploy my Tomcat server

1. Set Up

Edit the Site Name field which describes the final URL of the web server. You can use whatever name you like, as long as it is unique.

In the example below, the final url would be

Deploy setup

If you are interested in editing the other fields, please see reference at the bottom of this page.

Click Next to proceed.

2. Preview

This is just informing you of what resources will be created within your Azure subscription.

Deploy preview

No changes are necessary, click Deploy.

3. Deploy

This may take a few minutes but once it finishes, you’ll see the final URL in green. Deploy finished

3. Open your web site

Simply click on the address (the link in green) to browse your App Service.

You should see this:
Tomcat running

I ran into an issue I have deployed my server