Get started with Visual Studio 2017

Creating and running a program

When you start writing code in Visual Studio, you begin with a project. A project contains all of the source code files, images, data files, and other odds and ends that will be bundled together to create a program. It also contains settings used to process and configure your code.

Visual Studio organizes projects into solutions. A solution is a collection of projects that are associated with each other. If you’re just getting started, a solution will probably only contain one project, but for more complicated programs, you may want to add more.

Creating a new project

To start coding with Visual Studio, go to File → New → Project. You can use the selectors on the left to choose different types of languages or platforms to work with.

To create a project, first select the type of project you would like to create. Name your project and specify its location, then click OK to create your project.

Creating a project

Running your code

To run your code, click the green play button in the toolbar.

Running a project

You can use the menu option Debug → Start debugging or use the keyboard shortcut F5.

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