Install Visual Studio for Mac

Install Visual Studio for Mac

  1. Navigate your browser of choice to

  2. From the Download for Mac dropdown, select the edition you would like to install. To start for free, download Visual Studio Community 2017 for Mac. If you already have a Visual Studio Professional or Visual Studio Enterprise subscription, download the edition that matches your subscription.

    Download Visual Studio for Mac screenshot

  3. Mount the downloaded disk image by double-clicking it.

  4. Read the privacy statement and license terms and click Continue to accept them.

    Starting installation screenshot

  5. You may see the following screen about feature updates that are recommended. It’s a good idea to install these before continuing.

    Updating features screenshot

  6. Click Install to continue. You may be asked to provide your credentials during the installation process.

  7. During the installation, you have the option to customize your installation. You can select the following:

    • Android + Xamarin.Forms - This enables Android targeting with Visual Studio and Xamarin. This includes Xamarin.Forms, which enables you create UI in XAML and share it across platforms.
    • iOS + Xamarin.Forms - This enables iOS targeting.
    • macOS - This enables macOS targeting.
    • .NET Core + ASP.NET Core - This installs .NET Core to your machine, enabling console app development and web app/service development with ASP.NET Core.
    • Xamarn Worksbooks & Inspector - These optional tools make prototyping, development, and performance optimization of your mobile apps using Xamarin easier. Check out for more information.

    Finishing installation screenshot

  8. After installation completes, click Start Visual Studio for Mac to launch.

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