Create a C# .NET Core console app

Debug your App

  1. The default code for the app simply prints “Hello World!” to the console/terminal using the Console.WriteLine() method.

    Code screenshot

  2. Click in the editor margin to the left of the Console.WriteLine() line of code to set a breakpoint. A breakpoint is used to stop execution of the app at that point and debug your app.

  3. Click the Start Debugging button (with a Play icon) on the top left to build and start debugging the app. Alternatively, you can also start debugging by selecting the Run -> Start Debugging menu item.

  4. When the application hits the line of code with the breakpoint, it stops executing and you will have access to a full array of debugging tools, including the call stack, variable inspectors, and more.

  5. Click the Continue Running (the new Play icon in the group of 4) button to continue executing the code.

  6. The app will appear in a Terminal window and print the expected message.

    Debug screenshot

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